Working in Tanzania

In March 2020, the Netherlands and most of the world was hit by a pandemic (COVID-19). That is why our board members have mainly shared knowledge remotely with the local volunteers from Tanzatoto and Dutch experts were unable to visit Tanzania. The schools in Tanzania were closed for some time in the spring (just like in the Netherlands), but soon the message came that the schools were open again and there would be no question of a pandemic in Tanzania. Therefore could the regional seminar for parents of deaf children as well as parents of children with a Communicative Multiple Restriction (CMB) on October 17, 2020 get on.

To promote knowledge sharing at a local level, we have information from the Netherlands sent to support the seminar. We have also emphasized that there is extra hygiene had to be offered, so wash extra hands in between. The seminar was attended by about 50 parents and grandparents. During the seminar, the parents and grandparents are divided into three groups, in which there is a distinction in the first two groups made on the basis of experience with sign language. The third groupwere the parents of the children with CMB.