Local staff

Name: Richard Hadi
Role: A specialist class teacher
School: Kiwanja cha ndege unit for the deaf.
Goals: To make my school a friendly place for children, teachers, parents and other stake holders

To make my school as a small home where by family members and other people come to share experiences on how to live with children with hearing and speach problems

Pre-school teacher Felista Clement Urassa was trained as a primary and secondary school teacher. She has worked for the Kilakala Unit for the Deaf in Morogoro since 2003. She is teaching the youngest deaf children at Kilakala school. She also organizes workshops for parents and duringTanzatoto visits, she is actively training parents. Felista is treasurer for Tanzatoto in Morogoro.

Assistant teacher Rahim Kasim Lukinga is, because of his deafness, a role model for the deaf children. He makes sure that their sign language improves every day. He is responsible for visualisations and communication material in the classrooms. He is also a sign language teacher during Tanzatoto visits training parents. Felista is treasurer for Tanzatoto in Morogoro.

Gaudensia Philipo

Maryam started as an assistant teacher. She is now a teacher for deaf children at Montford School for the Deaf in Morogoro. During visits from Tanzatoto she is a trainer. Maryam is because of her deafness a role model for the children in Morogoro.